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Published: 23/06/2016 - Updated: 23/06/2016 - Tags: Payment Methods

Secure Pay is an American payment processing company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Secure Pay specializes in merchant services and software development. Combined with PCI-DSS compliant security standards, SecurePay is able to process transactions via clients’ websites.

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Sensitive user data is transferred immediately to Secure Pay’s servers and stored at that location. This allows for Secure Pay’s security standards to protect this sensitive user information. Secure Pay’s “Virtual Terminals” also allow for in person point of sale transactions. Merchants can choose to use Secure Pay’s payment system to conduct transactions via an attached tablet or mobile phone.

Secure Pay Services and Features

Secure Pay offers a number of valuable products to its clients in addition to its secure payment gateway. The first of these features is recurring billing. Clients can establish automated payment schedules for individual customers that agree to purchase a subscription. Merchants can bill either a credit card or an ACH transaction. Merchants can also determine the amount of money of that should be billed, as well as the date or the duration of time between billings.

Secure Pay also supports variable batch timing. This product allows for merchants to control their own businesses by adjusting batch times according to what works best for that particular organization.

Finally, Secure Pay offers technical support that is available 24/7. Secure Pay states on their website that the support team’s goal is to resolve each issue on the first call. Clients are free to contact the support team at any time with their questions or concerns.

Secure Pay Security

Secure Pay’s premier security product is called “SecureGuard”. This specific product helps to defend merchants from common fraudulent schemes that include credit card testing and purchase fraud. SecureGuard is currently available for both point of sale terminals and e-commerce transactions.

As mentioned previously, Secure Pay has implemented industry standard PCI-DSS security practices to protect the information of consumers using the service. Clients of Secure Pay can be sure that their customers’ data will be adequately protected from cyber criminals and that they are not to be held legally responsible in the event of data breach.

Secure Pay also offers its own unique API that integrates industry standard PCI-DSS regulated security measures to keep customer data from being stolen by cyber criminals. Web developers are able to integrate SecurePay into their site along with the high level of security that the company proudly advertises in its name.

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