Adyen Logo

Adyen is a Dutch global payment company that serves as a payment outsourcing agency for ecommerce companies of medium to large size. Companies that outsource their payments to Adyen are able to accept payment from users around the world via a special payment portal placed on the client’s webpage. Read More →


AliPay Logo

Alipay is an onilne payment platform created by Alibaba founder Jack Main 2004. At the time of this writing, Alipay is believed to control more than half of the online payment marke within China and boasts more than 300 million users. Read More →

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Logo

Apple pay is a mobile payment and e-wallet service owned and created by Apple Inc. Apple pay allows users to make payments using their mobile iOS devices. Read More →


Authorize.Net Logo

Authorize.Net is an American payment gateway service located in American Fork, Utah. Founded in 1996, the company exists to provide merchants with a platform to process credit card payments over the Internet. Read More →


BitPay Logo

BitPay is an online payment service that specializes in BitCoin transactions. Seeing as the BitCoin itself is still a relatively new phenomenon, BitPay itself is a relatively new company. Read More →


Braintree Logo

Braintree is a subsidiary of Paypal that specializes mobile and web payment solutions for ecommerce. Braintree provides their customers with merchant accounts and payment gateways that facilitate the fulfillment of online transactions. Read More →

Escrow Logo is an incredibly safe way to pay online, as it protects both the buyer and the seller. In an Escrow transaction, payment from the buyer is held in a secure trust account by while the goods (or services) are delivered by the seller. Once both parties are satisfied that the transaction is complete, releases the funds to the seller. Read More →


eWay Logo

eWay is an Australian payment gateWay that specializes in secure credit card payment processing. eWay services are available for both online transactions on ecommerce websites as well as in-store payment processing via SmartPOS payment solutions. Read More →

Google Wallet

Google Wallet Logo

Google Wallet is a peer-to-peer payment system service developed by Google that allows customers to send and receive money at no cost to either sender of receiver. A Google Wallet account must be linked to an existing debit card or bank account. Read More →


PayPal Logo

Paypal is an American online payment system that serves as an alternative to traditional paper methods, checks, and money orders. PayPal was established in 1998 by Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Elon Musk, Luke Nosek, and Peter Thiel. Read More →

Promise Pay

PromisePay Logo

Promise Pay is an online third-party payment company based in Australia that focuses on providing services to ecommerce companies. Read More →


SecurePay Logo

Secure Pay is an American payment processing company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Secure Pay specializes in merchant services and software development. Combined with PCI-DSS compliant security standards, SecurePay is able to process transactions via clients’ websites. Read More →


Skrill Logo

Skrill is an e-commerce platform based in the United Kingdom that allows users to make both domestic and international money transfers over the Internet. Read More →


Stripe Logo

Stripe is an online payment service based in Ireland that allows for both individual users and businesses alike to complete transactions online. Read More →


WebMoney Logo

WebMoney is an online transaction platform out of Moscow, Russia. Established in 1998, the company originally targeted users located in Russia but have since expanded their user base. The company now claims to have over 31 million users. Read More →


Worldpay Logo

Worldpay was founded in 1989 as an “unattended” payments company that primarily handled mail and telephone orders. Through a number of mergers and acquisitions, Worldpay eventually gained the capability to process payments via the Internet as well. Read More →

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