Published: 23/06/2016 - Updated: 23/06/2016 - Tags: Payment Methods

Braintree is a subsidiary of Paypal that specializes mobile and web payment solutions for ecommerce. Braintree provides their customers with merchant accounts and payment gateways that facilitate the fulfillment of online transactions.

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Braintree also provides other features for their clients that include recurring billing, the storage of client credit cards, support for international payments as well as PCI Compliance solutions.

The History of Braintree

Technology entrepreneur Bryan Johnson launched Braintree with the cooperation of the University of Chicago in 2007. In an article written in Forbes magazine, Johnson stated that his plan to distinguish his online payment service from other available alternatives was to provide exceptional customer service. Johnson’s devotion to his primary audience, tech developers, grew into a passionate client base that has allowed the company to expand from its original team of five developers to a multinational organization with a presence that has expanded around the globe.

The name Braintree was derived from Johnson’s love of history. Braintree was home to one of the United State’s most famous presidents, John Adams, and his son John Quincy Adams who also served as a president of the United States. In 2013, Braintree was acquired by PayPal for a hefty sum of $800 million.

Braintree Services and Features

Checkout Drop-in: Clients of Braintree can utilize the company’s ready made checkout solution with a simple backend installation.

PCI Compliance for Checkout: If an organization would prefer to use its own checkout solution, Braintree takes care of the compliance aspect of the application while the client organization ensures backend functionality.

Data Protection: Braintree is PCI compliant and uses 2FA encryption to protect all incoming data.

Fraud Protection: The payment gateway provided by Braintree offers advanced fraud detection systems to identify potential fraud quickly and react in real time.

Braintree Security

In an era where data security is on the forefront of nearly every mind working within the technology sector, the effective use of encryption is essential to protect sensitive payment information provided by clients using Braintree services. PCI compliance, which is used by Braintree, is an industry standard benchmark to determine if this sensitive data is being handled properly. Braintree’s public statement that these technologies and standards are being utilized within the organization demonstrate a commitment to data security and client safety when using the system.

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