Published: 23/06/2016 - Updated: 23/06/2016 - Tags: Payment Methods

Authorize.Net is an American payment gateway service located in American Fork, Utah. Founded in 1996, the company exists to provide merchants with a platform to process credit card payments over the Internet. Logo

Authorize.Net provides a secure payment gateway similar to those traditional serves that utilized phone lines to process transactions. Authorize.Net also offers additional serives to its clients, incluiding an online portal that helps merchants keep track of valuable business statistics. Service fees and rates are determined by resellers of the service. Authorize currently resold by large American banks Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase to name a few.

Authorize.Net Features

Authorize.Net offers a number of useful features for its clients. One of the most popular features is automated recurring billing. Authorize claims that this particular service enhances customer loyalty and reduces authorization declines. The feature certainly will reduce the amount of labor and in turn, costs, that are involved in processing a client’s payment. Automated Recurring Billing is offered free of charge.

Clients can also elect to synchronize transactions that take place over Authorize.Net with a Quickbook account. This particular feature is a wonderful way to ensure your business’s financial books are up to date. Authorize.Net offers this particular feature free of charge.

Authorize.Net also offers e-checks under a platform called eCheck.Net. This feature allows merchants to accept payment directly from a customer’s bank account. Clients can accept e-checks via the Authorize payment terminal installed on their webpage or through the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal. These feature does come at a fee however-- 0.75% of the transaction value.

Authorize.Net Security

As part of the security features that Authorize.Net offers, clients receive what is known as the “Advanced Fraud Detection Suite” free of charge. This software suite allows clients of Authorize.Net and its resellers to identify, manage and prevent suspicious activity from taking place on its site and platform. This particular security tool is incredibly flexible and allows for businesses to create custom rules that important in that particular industry or market.

Authorize.Net also offers secure customer data management for its clients free of charge. This feature stores and tokenizes all customer transaction data using industry standard PCI-DSS compliance. Clients of Authorize.Net and its resellers can be confident that its customers’ sensitive payment information will be adequately protected from would be cyber criminals.

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